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June 3, 2012 Leave a comment

So, I lost 5 lbs while having an awesome late ski season.  Felt like I was getting into shape.   Then work went mad…60-70 hr weeks, lots of stress, stomach bug @ the end of April along with an incredibly wet spring…well, I gained the 5 lbs back.  Lost 4 of them over the past week.  Last Sunday I took my “new” hybrid bike out for a ride in Gorham, NH.  Wound up heading towards MT Washington.  I decided this will be a goal for this summer…ride RT 16 from Gorham to Pinkham Notch.  I will have thighs of steel by the time I accomplish this.  Monday I walked/jogged the 2 miles to and from the bridge on the North Road.  Took a bunch of great pics.  I mostly jogged there, but the rubbing of legs and the shirt I wore made it difficult to run.  Note to self:  dump the pink shirt!

Back to exercising, diet is much improved.  I cut out the Red Bull after having some issues.  Trying to get more sleep, but work is making it difficult.  I hurt my foot last week while running…irritated the outside/underside of the right foot.  I stayed off it yesterday, iced and took vitamin I…it’s feeling better.  Time to prep the road bike…not sure where to ride today:  do I try the route to work?  Do I drive to Providence, RI and do my fav East Bay Path (comfort ride)…

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