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March 7, 2012

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So it’s been a couple of weeks…I’m down 5 lbs, 8 lbs since the beginning of Feb to 197.. I’ve been diligent in my knee exercises, but need to add aerobic.  Been skiing @ Sunday River the past 2 weekends:  Feb 22:  2 hrs on Southridge…helped a skier down…found them walking down.  Sun:  2 hrs, added North Peak. Helped another skier down.  Mar 3, my B-day…skied 3 hrs:  added Spruce.  Conditions we a bit tough:  fresh snow will do that.  Sunday was sweet:  2.5 hrs and corduroy everywhere.  Skied SR, N, Jordan, and hit Aurora hard:  laps on Norther Lights and I hit Airglow…still have a smile on my face…unfortunately, pain in both knees…so I over did it.  Felt like crap the next day, but I’m feeling better now. M quads are getting stronger.  I have PT tomorrow…hopefully we can focus on procepiation.  I can’t wait to ski this weekend.


My diet is improved:  if I eat any sugar, I feel like crap.  I’m drinking a smoothie for breakfast, lunch is either soup or an egg salad finger sandwich.    Snack on pineapple/kiwi/blueberry mix.  Dinner has varied:  some good, some bad, some missed (not good).  I won’t eat after 8pm because of acid reflux, so if I work late, there’s no dinner.  Tonight I’m drinking a smoothie and we’ll see how that goes.

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Hello world!

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Welcome to my new blog.  Conceived whilst running out of oxygen during my first walk/jog of the year.  You see I’m determined to make a few changes this year but I’m not a believer of New Year’s resolutions…I’m more of a quarterly adjustment kind of gal.  I want a record to remind myself of the hard work I am about to put into this…so I won’t let myself ever get to this point again.  If I manage to have someone actually read this…well, please understand this is for me…totally narcissistic.  If I manage to help someone else, great, but that is not the goal.  For once I’m doing this for myself.  So, as I sit here icing my knee, I’ll provide some background and the reason for this potential public self-flogging.

About 3 years ago I hurt my knee.  I wish I could say it was a spectacular crash, but no…I was giving a lesson to a special needs kid when he fell off of the magic carpet.  He had my poles in hand and when I turned ’round to yell at the liftee to stop the carpet, the child yanked the poles, causing me to fall down backwards and to the side.  My skis, however, stayed on the carpet, causing my left knee to subluxate (dislocate and find it’s way back).  Killed my ski season to say the least, but it became a bigger problem when I started to unknowingly favor the leg…this lead to a lower back issue.  This lead to that…pain lead to minimal exercise and depression…I gained 50 lbs.  This was on top of the 25 lbs I put on while unemployed in 2008.

So last year I managed to lose 25 lbs…change in diet combined w/a  couple of respiratory infections…not the recommended way to lose weight, but I’ll take it!  A very stressful Dec put 10 back on.  So now that left me needing to lose 65 lbs to get to where I want to be (although losing an additional 15 wouldn’t be bad!).   A slip on the ice on New Year’s day led me rehab and an MRI…they can’t find anything wrong…so at least I know I can ignore the pain, which has diminished a bit since rehab. ; third fix tooth:  I have a very painful tooth that no dentist seems to be able to figure out why.  This is it…it WILL get fixed.

So I’ve been working towards this as a process:  first fix knee and back; second fix diet third fix tooth:  I have  a tooth that has bothered me for years…3 dentists, no one can figure out what’s causing it.  That WILL change!  The pain is maddening and affects what I can and can’t eat.  Bready things are fine, watery things are not.

As of last Monday, I’ve lost 4 of the 10 I put back on.   So let’s make the starting weight 202. Knee is hurting a bit, especially above the MC.  Some swelling all around the knee…but my ice pack over the past 20 mins is calming it down.

C-ya tomorrow

Rules:  weigh-in on Mon morning.  Goal is 8 lbs /month.   I’ll blog the good and the bad.  Diet change so far has been reduction in how much I eat (eat less, exercise more= lose weight).  I cut out the nasty soda habit I picked up in Nov.  (I don’t really even like soda).  I spent yesterday walking around Salem, MA w/ the student I tutor.  Today, approx 1 mile walk/job in my nearby park.